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Welcome to KAPENAS SARAWAK  Web Site!

KAPENAS (SARAWAK) is short for Kesatuan Kakitangan Petroliam Nasional Berhad,an employee union of PETRONAS' non -executive staff.This web site is dedicated to enhance communication and to promote  union activities to the members and to the public.

Running a union is never easy, but building an effective web site can  make a huge difference in increasing awareness, responsiveness,members satisfaction and most important of all ,members sense of solidarity.

This web site will be an important tool to  provide the background of our union and explain the goods or services we have to offer. People are not interested to spend time figuring out what our union do, so our home page will highlight the most important features of both our union and our web site. We'll think of the home page as a kind of portal, giving members the information they want at a glance, and offering lots of links to draw them in to the rest of the site.

For example, we might feature a different item on the home page each month, along with a link to our products/ issues  page where you can find more information and knowledge on employer-employee relationship.

Please get in touch with us to offer your comments on how to improve this web site or send in your  articles to share with other members.
You can e-mail us at: